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Urchfont Vehicles Ltd

one of our workshopsOur unique selling point is that our technical staff are engineers and not just part swappers. We're all about keeping you on the road and that means solutions. To coin a cliche, sometimes thinking ouside the box.

We have a huge wealth of experience - gained over decades of working within the auto-motive industry.

we have diagnostic equipment for most popular vehiclesSometimes, it can be about sourcing a sound second-user part or maybe resolving to the angle-grinder, and/or the blow-torch.

The goal is a polished and professional solution - at a competitive and realistic price.

A hole in a sill or chassis member does not mean your pride and joy is destined to the breakers - or that you necessarily need to be facing a massive parts replacement bill.

Bikes - classics, modern classics and latest specWe'll work with you to discuss a solution and give you the control to decide how you wish to proceed.

We consider ourselves to be your trusted partner in the maintenance and development of your vehicle as it progresses through it's life.

Our ultimate aim is to gain, and retain, business on merit!